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Wessex Refrigeration Hire is a national supplier of rental walk-in cold rooms and fridge trailers.

We build modular cold rooms which can be made to any size and located indoors or outside. We also offer a fleet of incredibly convenient refrigerated trailers which plug into a 240v plug socket and start chilling. Our refrigeration rentals can be for a party, wedding or festival over one weekend or for several years, supplying commercial kitchens, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets and cold chain.

Our modular cold room lease is ideal for businesses to save cash. Instead of buying an expensive walk-in cold room, we charge a small monthly fee to use our premium-quality rooms.

What makes us unique is the combination of our low price, from £9 per day! Our top-quality German equipment! And our total commitment to a very high service standard.

Call us now for an instant quote if you need a refrigerated trailer, emergency freezer or a new walk-in cold room.

Fridge Trailer and Modular Cold Room Hire

Weekend hire


a flexible package offering up to 5 days use of our chiller. Add £50 for freezer hire

Weekly hire


ideal for festivals, county shows or breakdown cover

Long term lease

From £9 per day

instead of buying an expensive new cold room, hire a premium one from us, for as little as £9 per day. 

We will build a room tailored to your needs, and take care of maintenance costs

Frequently Ask Questions

We try and keep everything as clear as possible, so there are no surprises when you work with us! Have a read through these questions. If you have further questions or would like to discuss the hire, please call us on 0345 313 0122 or CONTACT US.


How many bottles of wine can the chillers hold?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is that one of our clients recently stored around 1,000 bottles of wine in one of our 3metre chiller trailers and had plenty of space for more. But if you want extra space, we can offer a 4 metre trailer or a pop up coldroom built to your specification. 


Can I book a last minute cold room?

Our extensive fleet of chillers mean we usually have availability even during the busy summer months, we are open 24/7 and can deliver in an emergency and we aim to deliver within 4 hours of your call.


How long does it take to cool down?

It takes about 1 hour to chill, and our customers generally allow around 6 hours to bring a full load of drinks down to temperature.


Can we lock the chiller during the hire?

The doors are lockable, and the hire includes the use of 2 spare keys. The trailer itself is also locked and can’t be moved, so you will have no worries about storing valuable food and drinks in there.


What size is the chiller?

our trailers start at 10 cubic metres volume – internally it measures 3m long x 1.6m wide x 2m tall. Outside (including the tow bar) the chiller trailer measures 4.7m long x 2.2m wide and 2.7m tall. If you need more space we can supply our extra large 4m trailer or we can build a totally bespoke cold room, as big as you need.


Can I plug it into a 240volt domestic plug socket?

All our chillers plug in to domestic plug sockets and use around 8amps on 240volt. We provide the cables and adaptors required for domestic plugs or generators free of charge.